The Final

At the end of the fourth sprint, we had accomplished about half of what we had planned. We still had a lot to do in preparation for the final event on Monday.

Our original schedule was a bit optimistic. We hope to catch up by Monday.

The Game Thus Far

Minimum viable game

A two-player cooperative with with four obstacles per player.


Two players must work together to get the ball to the end of the obstacle course


The game is scored based on how quickly the players can move their balls through the obstacles/p>

Obstacles Designed

Uncovered tilt maze, Covered Tilt Maze, Popper, Weeble Wobble, Ball Pass, Swishel Swashel, Lever Toss, Shoot the Moon

Obstacles Built

Uncovered tilt maze, Covered Tilt MazePopper, Weeble Wobble, Ball Pass, Swishel Swashel, Lever Toss, Shoot the Moon





Concept Map

. There were no other changes made to the concept map during this sprint


We got right to work after class on Tuesday. The start conditions weren't fully working at the in class demo, and we weren't quite sure why. After a lot of probing around, we were not able to figure out what was causing the start and stop conditions to stop working. We also continued to work on the remaining mechanical parts. We still have to complete the right playing field, shoot the moon, and the ball return ramps.


We finally figured out what was causing the start and stop conditions to start working. It was a very stupid mistake. As you might recall, earlier in this project, we got the start-stop conditions working for the entire system, and that was the code that we uploaded to the Microcontroller. However, none of our sensors for the stop conditions were hooked up, and the pins were constantly reading low and telling the Microcontroller to shut off the game. After commenting out a few lines in the code, the start conditions began working perfectly.

On Wednesday we chose an HTML5Up template and started creating the website. We probably should have started the website earlier, but we can't change that now.


Thursday was another day of mechanical work. Work was done on the right side playing field, shoot the moon, swishel swashel, and the ball return. We hope to manufacture tomorrow. Today we also decided to make the connecting ramps out of modeling clay. We did not make the ramps today, but we made the decision to make them out of modeling clay so that we can change the shape of the ramps after all of the obstacles have been placed. We also were not able to cut any pieces today, but they will definitely be cut tomorrow before the shop closes. More progress was made on the website

The all of the components in the box required a lot of power lines. We sped up the circuit making process whenever possible.


If you are at all familiar with Olin's shop schedule, it is not open on Saturday and most of Sunday and it closes at 5pm on Friday. This means that if we wanted to machine anything in the main shop before Monday, it had to be done today. After many many hours spent designing parts, we finally cut the playing field and the playing field supports at 4:30pm. The ramps, unfortunately, did not get cut today. We did however reprint ball pass because it was originally too large to fit on the playing field. We also acquired more L brackets and modeling clay, and more progress was made on the website.


A Laser Cutting Ninja came to our rescue and opened up the shop so that we could cut the ramps. We also 3D printed the remaining parts of the ball return ramp and reprinted swishel swashel and popper. We also got both tilt mazes, the LEDs, and the countdown timer all working at the same time on a single Arduino. Not much was done on the Electrical or Coding side, as we are still working hard to get the mechanical bits done in time. We did however get ball pass working, and we finished the main part of the website. All we have to do now is continue this sprint's blog post, add team member’s biographies and proofread. We are living up to our name of Screwed Ball Scramble.

The state of our project and team on Saturday night. Screwball Paul continues to cheer us on.


Here is what our box looked like at 3pm of Sunday afternoon. We have made a lot of progress since then.

On Sunday we had all hands on deck. We started the morning collecting the 3D printed parts that were being printed overnight. Our goal was to be able to recut the playing field and the two ramps as soon as the shop opened at noon, however the parts didn't get cut until after 3pm. In our free time we started proofreading the website. We apologize for any and all spelling mistakes. This entire website was written in Sublime Text which doesn't have spell check.


We worked until 4 am on Monday morning trying to get our project to work. Eventually, we got both sides mounted and most of the wiring done. Our project was not functional during in class demo, but we made a lot of progress from the previous week. Later in the day, we finished up work on the website. Work on the project will continue into the next week, and we will continue to update the website as our projects gets further along.