Plans for Expo

Although the project was due during our final event on Monday, we want to make it actually work for Expo. Expo is an event at Olin where students show off their work to outside guests

The Game Thus Far

Minimum viable game

A two-player cooperative with with four obstacles per player.


Two players must work together to get the ball to the end of the obstacle course


The game is scored based on how quickly the players can move their balls through the obstacles/p>

Obstacles Designed

Uncovered tilt maze, Covered Tilt Maze, Popper, Weeble Wobble, Ball Pass, Swishel Swashel, Lever Toss, Shoot the Moon

Obstacles Built

Uncovered tilt maze, Covered Tilt MazePopper, Weeble Wobble, Ball Pass, Swishel Swashel, Lever Toss, Shoot the Moon





Concept Map

During this sprint we deiced to change the third obstacle on the right side from a pin ball like obstacle to a rotating ramp obstacle with a popper in the middle (we will refer to this obstacle as swishel swashel in the future). There were no other changes made to the concept map during this sprint

Finishing Up and Theming


After fully putting the game together, we now know what changes need to be made so that it will fully work. We are going to start by making those changes. We decided in one of our early sprints that we wante out game to be space themed. Some of the obstacles we build did have a slight space theme like the rocket ship for ball pass or the stars on top of the covered tilt maze, but for Expo, we hope to have our entire project be space themed. We want to paint everything and fill in some of the empty spaces on the left side with spaced themed objects like planets and stars.


One of the initial requirements for the game was that it had to be playable without instructions. We had planned to make small illustrations of each obstacle and put those illustrations below the device that controls that obstacle, but again, time got the best of us. For Expo however, we are going to be demoing our game to people who have never seen it, so it needs to be easy to play. We plan to make some graphics that will make the game easier to play this week.


We have been working on this project almost non-stop for the past few weeks. We plan to take a bit of a break in the time leading up to Expo, we hope that we will be able to accomplish our goals without spending every bit of free time we have on Lunacy.