Jessica Diller

Jessica is majoring Electrical and Computer Engineering with a heavy emphasis on sustainability and environmental systems. Jessica just starred in the Babson Player’s spring musical Singin’ in the Rain and if you didn’t see it you missed out on a great opportunity. Jessica loves her elecanisms project and team more than life itself

Scott Mackinlay

Hi, I’m Scott. I’m a mechanical engineer and I like flexures, linkages, and CNC. My favorite tool is the shopbot with laser cutters and lathes tying for second. I hadn't consumed lucky charms cereal before coming to college and my world will never be the same. My favorite song is “Call me Al” by Paul Simon.

Brenna Manning

Brenna is studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. Her hobbies include theatre, writing firmware, doodling, debugging shift registers, making circuits, and trying to play the ukulele.

Abi Rodrigues

Abi is majoring in Engineering with a concentration in Mechatronics at Olin. Apart from engineering, she loves watching movies and TV shows. She also enjoys listening to music and playing the piano and guitar in her free time.

Celine Ta

Celine is a collaborative product design engineer with a soft spot for rapid prototyping, clever (uses for) materials, and socially-minded projects. Up for constructive debate and cheese anytime.

The ShopBot

This project could not have happened without it.. well, maybe it could have, but it definitely would not have been as good.

Special thanks

We want to thank our teaching team for going above and beyond in helping us bring this project to completion. Looking at you Brad and Aaron! We couldn't have done it without you guys! We are pretty sure electrons are magic and without your arcane knowhow, we would have probably spent this evening crying instead of making this beautiful site.