The Bomb

How the player sees, touches, and controls the game

From the Front

The bomb is constructed of sturdy, interlocking laser-cut MDF boxes that are interchangeable via a modular connection system to allow for varied puzzle gameplay for returning players. They are separted into top modules and bottom modules as necessitated by the polarity of their interlocking features, but outside of that limitation the modules are fully interchangeable.

Each module is connected to the MDF backplane using a DE-9 connector with pins mapped as in the image at left. This is the only electrical connection from the module to the backplane and the other modules, which allows for all of the electronics to be nicely encapsulated on a module-by-module level.

Each of the modules is affixed to the backplane by two locating pins and a magnetic latch. The magnetic latch provides a retention force that ensures that the electrical connections are maintained, and the locating pins keep the boxes steadily in place, preventing any shearing on the connector. Additionally, the pins and magnet create a very satisfying slide-and-click feeling of properly installing a module.


The idea of interchangeable puzzle modules was identified as a key part of the interface from the beginning, but as a team we went through several iterations to explore and prototype this idea.

During the prototyping phase, we began CADing the bomb's structure in Onshape. Eventually, it was modified to support our external components, which were in turn added to the model.