What is Tilt Game?


Tilt Game is a coin-operated 2-player competitive game called Tilt. The game is structured as a table-top tilting maze with both static and dynamic obstacles. Player 1 aims to guide a ball from the starting point to the end goal by shifting their weight on a Wii Fit board to tilt the board. Player 2 can rotate one of the walls of the game, activate flippers, or activate electromagnets under parts of the board to trap and block the ball. Player 1 wins if they manage to reach the end within two minutes; Player 2 wins if they prevent Player 1 from doing so.

Player 1

The objective of player 1 is to start from the beginning of the maze, and traverse through various static and dynamic obstacles, as well as interference from player 2, to reach the goal area within the allotted time (2 minutes). Because the board is controlled by the weight balance of the player, it is important to keep composure throughout the game.

Player 2

The objective of player 2 is to control the dynamic obstacles on the maze in order to hinder player 1 from reaching the goal area. Most of the gameplay for Player 2 is strategizing on the best tactics to thwart Player 1 at critical sections of the maze, such as the central spinner. It is important to keep attentive of the trajectory, as well as be aware of available options for control.


The game is composed of a fair number of different devices communicating with each other, ranging from Bluetooth, UART, USB, I2C, etc. The main portion of the code runs on the Elecanisms breakout of the PIC24 microcontroller, including the state machine and interfaces with most actuators, sensors, and control inputs. The Raspberry Pi was responsible for interfacing with peripheral devices (such as the Wii Board and the Speaker).