The Game

Traditional Lunar Lander games, while capable of providing hours of entertainment, fall short in two key respects. First, they are not electromechanical in nature. Second, they do not reflect the fact that rockets are now capable of autonomously landing on sea-faring vessels. Space Origin: X is a modern, penny arcade implementation of Lunar Lander where the user must guide a rocket to a safe landing on a barge. The future is now.

An example of a traditional lunar lander game

High-level SO:X interaction diagram

The Rules

The player controls the tilt and thrust of the rocket using a joystick and a push button. The rocket has a limited amount of fuel to complete the landing, and the rocket can only land safely under a certain speed. One session affords the player three attempts at landing the rocket.


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The Team

In order to execute this momunental undertaking, we have assembled an engineering team of extraordinary magnitude.


Mechanical Engineer


Electrical and Computer Engineer


Robotics Engineer


Electrical and Computer Engineer


Robotics Engineer